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Pulsar tooling

Here you will find a list of tools used by the Pulsar team and information about them.

Continuous Integration

Cirrus CIopen in new window

Cirrus CI is used for Pulsar's continuous integration as well as for building application binaries.

Codacyopen in new window

Codacy is used to scan committed code for any issues that may have been missed.

Currently though Codacy is only used on the following repositories:

i18n (Internationalization)

Crowdinopen in new window

Crowdin will be used for Pulsar's internationalization efforts but exact details on this are still pending.

Package Managers

While most repositories you can easily tell what Package Manager is being used by checking for a specific lock file, there are some execptions to this that should be noted.

Cloud Database

The package-backendopen in new window currently uses DigitalOcean to host the PostgreSQL Pulsar Package Repositories data in the cloud.

Cloud Compute

Both the package-backendopen in new window and package-frontendopen in new window use Google App Engine to host the compute instance of these websites in the cloud.

Additional Testing tools

Action Pulsar Dependency Testeropen in new window

Pulsar Dependency Tester is a GitHub action used to test changes of a core Pulsar Dependency if you need to determine how your core package dependency will run on the current version of the Pulsar Editor.

This GitHub Action is a direct Pulsar replacement of the previous Action to test Atom Dependencies Setup Atomopen in new window.