Launch Manual

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Getting Started

Here you will learn everything you need to know about actually using Pulsar. This introduces what Pulsar is, how to install it and how to use its basic features.

Using Pulsar

This section is all about the various functions built right into Pulsar and how you can use them to get the most out of it.

It will teach you everything from cursor movement all the way to basic customization of the application.

Hacking the Core

This is really what Pulsar is all about, here you will get to grips with what lies under the skin of Pulsar so you can begin hacking on it to extend and customize its functionality.

Behind Pulsar

Here you will get into the real heart of Pulsar, where you get into the details of various internal APIs and full details of how to maintain packages.


Frequently asked questions. This is where you can find some of the more common questions and answers regarding Pulsar.