About Us

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About us

The team

The team behind Pulsar is a community that came about naturally after the announcement of Atom's Sunsetopen in new window and decided that they needed to do something about it to keep their favorite editor alive.

This is a true community-led project to modernize, update and improve the original Atom project into a contemporary, hackable and fully open editor.

Pulsar is all of us, feel free to contribute, discuss, answer questions and suggest ideas in any of our community areas.

The goals

  • Community developed, led and focused
    • Pulsar is being made by a community who came together from the stellar remnants of Atom. A community that wants to build upon the huge legacy that was left and make a uniquely hackable editor.
  • To continue and build upon the legacy of the Atom text editor which has been sunsetopen in new window.
    • This means not only supporting the editor itself but also the package repository with its thousands of community contributions.
  • Update core technologies to bring the editor up to date.
    • Core technologies such as Node.js, Electron etc., keeping them up to date so new features and libraries can be used and added without hacky workarounds.
  • Emphasize the elements that make the editor great to really make Pulsar stand out from the crowd, not only for ex-Atom users but for everyone.