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Welcome to Pulsar

Here you will find everything you need to know about Pulsar, from how to install it all the way to hacking away at its core to make it your own.

The documentation has been broken down into various sections which you can find below.

Launch Manual

The Launch Manual contains everything you need to know about Pulsar. It covers topics all the way from the initial installation through to developing and publishing your own packages.


This section is dedicated to info and documentation around Pulsar's numerous packages which make up both the core editor and community ecosystem.


There are a number of miscellaneous resources here that do not necessarily fit into other topics. This is where you will find information about things like the tools used by the team and contributors, a glossary to translate any confusing jargon and details of the various APIs that make up Pulsar.

Atom Archive

This is an archive of the old Atom documentation as it appeared on their Flight Manualopen in new window.

Anything here is just a historical reference of our past, when Atom existed as a GitHub supported project.

This includes their original layout and formatting of how things were expected to appear. Anything listed here, may work, and it may not. This is taking into consideration their sunset and our picking up of their torch.