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Packages Documentation

This aims to be a collection of information about the packages published for the Pulsar Editor. Currently, anything in Core Packages is an archive of every Wiki that was published from the upstream Atom Organization.

This means some of this information may be old, or no longer relevant. If it is, it has been marked as so at the top of the file under a warning. None-the-less the information can still be helpful, and may prove to be valuable. Which is why it has been archived here.

As well, we have a record of community packages as well. This is meant to be a record of these. This section should be updated as we get more community contributions of these. The process for adding this will be added at a later date.

Core Packages


  • TODO: Add Documentation from updated packages documentation.

Archived Documentation

Community Packages

There are currently thousands of community packages published to the Pulsar Package Registry, if you are coming from Atom you should be able to find all of your familiar packages as we have archived everything that Atom once had published.

If one of your favorite packages that you had on Atom is missing feel free to contact usopen in new window or take a look through the Pulsar Package Registry Administrative Actions Logopen in new window to see if it's been officially removed.

Otherwise to browse the vast collection of packages available to install on Pulsar you can open up the Pulsar Settings Package page, or browse them on the Pulsar Package Registry Websiteopen in new window.