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Under Construction

This document is under construction, please check back soon for updates. Please see our socials and feel free to ask for assistance or inquire as to the status of this document.

Having trouble?

If you have any issues then please feel free to ask for help from the Pulsar Team or the wider community via any of our Community areas

If you think you have found a bug then please have a look through our existing issuesopen in new window and if you can't find anything then please create a new bug reportopen in new window.

Common Issues

macOS error "App is damaged and can’t be opened"

The binary is likely from before macOS binaries started being signed. A up-to-date and signed binary may be downloaded from the download page. The unsigned binary can be made to run by running xattr -cr /Applications/Pulsar.app/ in the terminal. See hereopen in new window for more information.

Pulsar does not launch "GPU process isn't usable. Goodbye"

You may need to launch the application with the argument --no-sandbox to get around this issue. This is something under investigationopen in new window.