Christmas has come early

DaeraxaDecember 16, 2023
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Pulsar 1.112.0open in new window is available now!

Welcome to our 12th regular release! It has been exactly a year since we put out our first tagged releaseopen in new window and development continues. This month we have some new soft-wrapping options, some long overdue updates to PPM, improvements to our "GitHub" package, a new fuzzyMatcher API and our usual slew of bug fixes.

Let's start with a feature added by community member @Trigan2025open in new window. There are now new options for the "soft wrapping" feature that allows Pulsar to automatically show or hide the soft wrap guide line based on your soft wrap settings. You can find this new option within wrap-guide package settings.

We have a number of new PPM changes, including better and more secure network handling and converting PPM's code to async. You can read about this second change in much more detail in a recent blog postopen in new window we made. We have also taken the opportunity to do some out-of-season spring cleaning to tidy up the repo and get rid of old, unused dependencies, as well as some general maintenance.

On to our GitHub package, we found that we had a rather common issue with people not being able to log into their GitHub account via the package. Essentially, it was possible to set scopes in such a way that, although permissions were technically granted, Pulsar was unable to read the scopes and refused to log in. To solve this, we have updated the package to provide feedback and improved the scope checking logic. We also updated the link to the Personal Access Token page to include by default the scopes that Pulsar requires.

Continuing with the theme of last month's new "UI" API, we have another new API that all packages can now take advantage of. This time it is ui.fuzzyMatcher which will allow packages to use Pulsar's fuzzy-finder module without needing to bundle it into their own packages.

And to finish off with a bug fix, an issue was found where Pulsar wasn't correctly inheriting the directory from which the pulsar binary was being run, leading to some slightly odd behaviour.

It is hard to believe that it has been an entire year since we created our first tagged release of Pulsar and we never would have managed to get to this milestone without the amazing support from our donors and our community, so as ever, a massive thank you to everyone who has allowed us to get this far!

Until next time (and next year!), happy coding, and see you amongst the stars!

  • The Pulsar Team

  • Fixed github package not giving feedback when a token with the wrong scopes was entered, tweak scope-checking logic to match expectations, and log incorrect scopes.
  • Various cleanups, maintenance and upkeep of the PPM repo.
  • Added options for a user to control when to automatically show or hide the wrap-guide; "Always", "When soft wrap is enabled", and "When soft wrap at preferred line length is enabled".
  • Updated network handling in PPM to something newer and more secure.
  • Updated most of PPM's code to use async/await and promises internally.
  • Created atom.ui.fuzzyMatcher API, moving the Pulsar fuzzy-finder module into the core of the editor for community packages to utilize.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Pulsar from inheriting the directory from which the pulsar binary was run.