Our First Release!

confused-TechieDecember 15, 2022
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Check out our first GitHub Release for Pulsar! Available Now!open in new window

First (Beta) Tagged Release of Pulsar -- Get it while it's hot!

We have some nice changes to give you a good first experience of what Pulsar is going to be like. Mostly, it's Atom, but still functioning. We've replaced the Package Backend (previously closed source) with a brand new one (Open Source!) -- see this blog postopen in new window for more details. We have even migrated all original Packages from Atom to Pulsar, so feel free to find and download your favourites! A quick note about packages, if you have any questions or concerns about our migrated packages refer to hereopen in new window.

Also new is Electron 12, and binaries for ARM, both on Linux and MacOS (yes, that's an Apple Silicon native build). In general, several new package formats are available, feel free to try them outopen in new window and find what suits you.

We've gotten some miscellaneous fixes and upgrades in, as well as a (mostly) thorough rebranding from Atom to Pulsar. Feel free to check out the Changelogopen in new window for more details.

Over all, we hope you enjoy the release, take a look, kick the tires, let us know what you think. Report any issues you find, and maybe we'll be able to put together a fix. Likewise, if you have a fix handy, feel free to open a Pull Request. Happy coding, see you among the stars!

  • The Pulsar Team

  • Bump to Electron 12 and Node 14
  • Added a rebranding API
  • Removed experimental file watchers on the editor
  • Ability to install packages from git repositories
  • New Pulsar Package Repository Backend
  • Better error messages when installing a package fails
  • Config watching fixes
  • Bump tree-sitter to 0.20.1 and all grammars to their recent versions
  • Native support for Apple Silicon and ARM Linux
  • Removed Benchmark Startup Mode
  • Removed all telemetry from Core Editor
  • New Pulsar Website
  • New Test Runner to Improve Testing
  • Added Apple Silicon support to github Package v0.36.13