Hot dog, it's another Pulsar release!

confused-TechieJune 16, 2024
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Pulsar 1.118.0open in new window is available now!

Hot dog, it's another Pulsar release!

Get your grills ready, Pulsar v1.118.0 is cooking with gas! This release brings lots of love to syntax highlighting, along with a zesty sprinkling of features and fixes.

We've got Tree-sitter fixes and improvements, including improved documentation around Tree-sitter's usage, an updated PHP parser, fixed syntax quoting on Clojure, as well as enhanced Clojure highlighting support for metadata and "def" elements, as well as improved injection points for Clojure. EDN files are back to being detected as Clojure, but will highlight correctly as EDN. Tasty!

Within the Pulsar application the new setting core.allowWindowTransparency lets users set the background of the editor to support transparency, although transparent CSS styles must be set by a theme or user stylesheet for Pulsar to actually be transparent. The textChanged property is now accurate when characters are deleted.

The Tree-sitter syntax highlighting system now has a new test for queries ancestorTypeNearerThan which helps matching the first type as an ancestor, as well as supporting a second buffer argument in the content field of addInjectionPoint for easier customization.

Finally, for our community package developers, they will be glad to hear that first time publication issues have been resolved with a rewrite of the ppm publish command, improving the workflow, and ensuring things work properly with the updated backend. Please feel free to share what you've been cooking by publishing your packages!

As always, thanks a ton to all of our users and supporters for sticking with the Pulsar project, and until next time, happy coding, and see you amongst the stars!

- The Pulsar Team

  • Various tree-sitter grammar improvements
    • Docs fixes
    • A parser update for PHP
    • Miscellaneous grammar fixes and improvements
  • Added a preference core.allowWindowTransparency so that themes and user stylesheets can make editor windows' backgrounds transparent.
  • Added a new modern tree sitter "test" for highlight query - ancestorTypeNearerThan that matches if it finds the first type as an ancestor, but doesn't match if any "other" ancestors are found before
  • Syntax quoting and unquoting in Clojure now highlights correctly, and also highlights full qualified keywords differently than generated ones
  • content field of addInjectionPoint for modern-tree-sitter now supports a second buffer argument, for better customization if one wants to
  • EDN is back to being detected as Clojure (for compatibility) but highlights as EDN
  • Fixed syntax quoting on Clojure grammar (newer tree-sitter), fixed some injection points on Clojure. Added support for highligting metadata, and added better support for "def" elements (for example - doesn't scope default or definition as a def, but highlights p/defresolver)
  • Fixed textChanged property to be accurate when deleting characters
  • Fixed ppm publish for publishing brand new packages