A Valentine's release bursting with love, Pulsar 1.114.0 is available now!

DaeraxaFebruary 16, 2024
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Pulsar 1.114.0open in new window is available now!

A Valentine's release bursting with love, Pulsar 1.114.0 is available now!

Welcome to a brand new Pulsar release! I think it is safe to say that this month has been one of our more eventful due to the switchover we made to the new Tree-sitter implementation. This release features a lot of updates and fixes for this new implementation, thanks to all the feedback we got from the community. We also have a number of other bug fixes and new features to introduce, such as restoring compatibility with older Linux distributions, and a new flag for an old favorite ppm command.

As mentioned above, we have quite a few changes relating to our new Tree-sitter implementation that we made default in Pulsar 1.113.0. First of all, we have some fixes and updates to make sure the new implementation isn't a regression from the legacy implementation. One such update is restoring support for the semanticoloropen in new window package, which was supported by the previous implementation. Otherwise, if you had any particular issue with syntax highlighting, then we hope it has now been resolved, as a lot of changes and fixes have been made in response to community feedback. If not, then please visit our ongoing "Mega-issues"open in new window and see if your issue has been raised, and if not, please raise it there.

Back in Pulsar 1.111.0, we created a new UI api to make an easy and universal way for packages to interact with Pulsar. This implementation did contain a couple of small oversights, which have now been resolved. One issue with the markdown implementation was the display of non-functional heading anchors when rendering a package README; the other was a small rendering bug that was causing a misalignment of content after a linebreak. We had also inadvertently introduced a new problem with fuzzymatcher that could cause the command palette to hang if it failed to highlight a match.

One issue raised a while ago was that, starting with Pulsar 1.109.0, users of older LTS Linux distributions, such as AlmaLinux 8 and RockyLinux 9, were no longer able to run Pulsar. This was due to the CI runners we use being updated to newer OSs, and therefore Pulsar was being compiled against a newer version of glibc. We have changed our workflows to compile Pulsar in a Debian 10 Docker container instead, which should resolve this problem.

It was noticed a while ago that the github package wasn't quite working correctly on ARM Linux systems. We have bumped the version of dugite (a library for using git in NodeJS and Electron) to resolve the problem.

Lastly, we have two new features in ppm. The first is a new flag --force that can be specified on ppm link, which will forcibly replace a conflicting package without needing to manually remove it. The other is an update to ppm's syntax theme template so that, when generating a new syntax theme, it now includes some style variables that the editor has long supported, but which were not in the template, so theme authors might have been unaware of them. (As a bonus: there are two new variables supported by default in the editor, and added to the template as well! Theme authors, feel free to take advantage of these!)

And that is it for yet another Pulsar release. We hope you enjoy this release and look forward to the next one!

Until next time, happy coding, and see you amongst the stars!

  • The Pulsar team

  • Prevented an exception raised in the command palette in certain unusual filtering scenarios.
  • Refrain from rendering anchor icons when showing a package's README file in settings-view.
  • Build Linux binaries on Debian 10, for older glibc and compatibility with older Linux distros.
  • Fixed a rendering error in atom.ui.markdown.render when disableMode was set to "strict" and the input contained HTML line breaks.
  • Added support for the semanticolor package in modern tree-sitter grammars.
  • Added new --force flag to ppm link command that will uninstall any conflicting package already installed.
  • Added language entity colors to syntax-variables.less.
  • Numerous Tree-Sitter Grammar syntax highlighting fixes.
  • Bumped dugite to make the github package compatible with ARM Linux.