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DaeraxaNovember 16, 2023
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Pulsar 1.111.0open in new window is available now!

What do we have for you in Pulsar 1.111.0?

Welcome to a new Pulsar regular release. This time we have a big new addition to Pulsar's API along with our usual set of bug fixes (with some fantastic community contributions).

One of our major changes is the new UI API we have added to the 'atom' global class. You can read about this in detail in our recent blog postopen in new window but essentially, this allows us to unify the way we render things in Pulsar. For this release, we have a new 'markdown' object that means packages (both core and community) no longer have to worry about performing Markdown rendering and instead can offload it to Pulsar itself. This allows us to create a unified way to render Markdown by using a single set of dependencies. We also took the opportunity to move from the previous markedopen in new window library to the markdown-itopen in new window parser we are already using on the Pulsar Package Registryopen in new window. As an added bonus, we also get to save some space on the installation size!

On that last topic, we have found a way to reduce Pulsar's installed size by ~35.5 MB by deduping some dependencies and otherwise performing some fine tuning on them.

Next, we have a fix for a really tricky bug that has been around since the Atom days, which we logged on our own repo almost a year ago. The problem is that it has been devilishly difficult to find a perfect set of reproduction steps. Thankfully, we have now managed to do this (with a great deal of help from one of our community members, @asiloisad/@bacadraopen in new window) and have a fix. This was a problem that would occasionally show up when a hidden input element used in the text editors would be focused when out of view, causing the screen to be "misaligned" or otherwise "shifted".

And on the theme of community, we have two issue reports and subsequent bug fixes by community members. The first is by @danfuzzopen in new window to fix a problem in our bash Tree-sitter grammar where ANSI C quoted strings were not being properly highlighted as actual strings. The second is by @kiskozaopen in new window who discovered a problem with our (relatively) recently introduced pulsar-updater package, which notifies you if a new release of Pulsar is available. The bug in question was a problem with the "Dismiss this version" button, which was not caching correctly and would therefore "forget" that somebody had requested to not be notified for that version again.

We hope you enjoyed reading about this update as much as we hope you continue to enjoy using Pulsar. As ever, a huge thank you to our generous donors and community, without whom this project would not be possible.

Until next time, happy coding, and see you amongst the stars!

  • The Pulsar Team

  • Added a new "UI" API to atom, accessible via atom.ui. This exposes a markdown object, allowing community packages to offload Markdown handling to the core editor.
  • Fine-tuned/deduped dependencies to remove ~35.5 MB from Pulsar's installed size.
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused text to shift or disappear after an editor pane regains focus.
  • Fixed scoping/highlighting of single-quoted ('...') and C-style ($'...') strings in shell scripts.
  • Fixed an issue with the "Dismiss this Version" button (in the pulsar-updater package).
  • Fixed an issue with how Linux Pulsar binaries were built, to ensure compatibility with non-bleeding edge glibc versions. (Compatibility with even older glibc versions is still being looked into, for the folks on older or RHEL-compatible distros.)