Armed with a big ol' can of Raid: Pulsar 1.110.0 is available now!

DaeraxaOctober 16, 2023
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Armed with a big ol' can of Raid: Pulsar 1.110.0open in new window is available now!

What do we have for you in Pulsar 1.110.0?

Here we are with another Pulsar release, and this month we have quite a number of fixes and improvements. This time around, the focus has really been on bug fixes in order to improve the overall experience.

Starting with changes to PPM (Pulsar Package Manager), it has been updated to use a newer version of node-gyp (a tool for compiling native modules for node.js), which will allow use of newer C/C++ compiler toolchains as well as newer versions of Python, namely 3.11, which introduced an issue for PPM requiring downgrading to 3.10. For Windows users, it also now supports Visual Studio 2022! We previously covered (part of) this topic in one of our community update blog postsopen in new window in a bit more detail, so be sure to have a read of that too.

On the topic of PPM, the decaffeination (conversion of CoffeeScript to JavaScript) has now been completed thanks to community members @nemokosch/@twocoloursopen in new window & @GuilleWopen in new window. In the last releaseopen in new window, we announced this had been completed in the core editor and packages; now this has been extended to PPM!

Onto Pulsar itself: we have a few new features that have been added. The first is a new autocomplete API that works on ranges rather than the previous prefix system, which will improve LSP support. (And on the topic of autocomplete, if anyone had been editing EJS files and noticed errors popping up, these have now been greatly reduced in this update).

Onto the fixes. This first one solves an issue where, if you attempted to start Pulsar with an invalid configuration file, then it would silently fail but still present a running process. Error checking has now been added so that the error can actually be exposed to the user.

Next, we have a problem introduced with our snippets package update, which now includes variables indicated by a $, which is also used by PHP, so some escaping of these characters needed to be added.

And lastly, we had a problem with macOS binary signing in version '1.109.0'; this was already covered in the last community updateopen in new window, and now this fix applies to our regular releases.

And that just about covers things for this release. We hope you have enjoyed reading this and continue to enjoy using Pulsar. As ever, a huge thank you to our generous donors and community, without whom this project would not be possible.

Until next time, happy coding, and see you amongst the stars!

  • The Pulsar Team

  • Made the modification of editor.preferredLineLength configurable within wrap-guide when changing wrap-guide.columns
  • Fixed Snippets from language-php that would lose the $ character
  • Fixed a condition where an invalid config may crash Pulsar before fully starting up, but not registering that it's crashed
  • Reduced error notifications that may appear from autocomplete-html when handling EJS files
  • Fixed macOS binary signing after moving over to GitHub Actions for CI
  • Updated PPM to a newer node-gyp, allowing newer versions of C/C++ compiler toolchains and Python to be used (also dropped support for Python 2.x!)
  • Fully decaffed the entire PPM codebase
  • Added a new autocomplete API that does not uses prefixes and instead declares the range it'll replace (better LSP support)