Lemmy community now open!

DaeraxaSeptember 17, 2023
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Join !pulsaredit@lemmy.ml!

Come and join our newly opened Lemmy community!

Lemmy community summary

During the Reddit blackout a couple of months ago, we had a lot of interest in the creation of an official Lemmy community in combination with our Subreddit. After checking things again with a vote, we have decided to officially open our Lemmy instance.

So if you like the Reddit style format but would prefer federation and open source software, then come and join us at pulsaredit@lemmy.mlopen in new window!

With this, we expand upon our existing presence in the fediverse (@pulsaredit@fosstodon.orgopen in new window) and hope that we can grow the community in these spaces.

If you are new to Lemmy or the fediverse in general, it is important to understand that you don't need to join the instance that the community is hosted on. In the case of Lemmy, our instance is on https://lemmy.ml/, but you can join pretty much any community you like and still fully interact with the pulsaredit community - this is what federation is all about. If you don't have a Lemmy account, then you can go to https://join-lemmy.org/open in new window to help you find a community that caters to your interests.

Once you have made your Lemmy account (or already have one), you can join the community by searching for !pulsaredit@lemmy.ml from within your instance's search, clicking the community name, and hitting Subscribe in the top right.