Welcome to a rad new release, Pulsar 1.105.0 is available now!

DaeraxaMay 15, 2023
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Welcome to a rad new release, Pulsar 1.105.0 is available now!open in new window

What is new in 1.105.0?

This newest release of Pulsar contains many changes, from new features, to security patches, to testing improvements, this release has it all, and we hope it shows!

A big milestone for this release, is since our initial fork from Atom, we have now created fully green (passing) tests! This hopefully means we can iterate new changes, both fixes and new features, faster than ever before!

Also on this release we ensured to put a focus on solving the issues reported by our wonderful community such as resolving an issue that would prevent installation of Pulsar on RPM systems, fixing localization issues in settings-view when browsing packages, or addressing memory leak issues within second-mate.

Even better this release also comes with some brand new features and improvements to existing ones! Such as the addition of new community package activation hooks, adding a new bookmarks service to the ServiceHub, and updating the internal typescript used to support advancements within that language for community packages to take advantage of.

But this summary can't possibly include everything, make sure to take a look through the changelog below to see everything this release has to offer!

As always, we want to say a huge thanks to everyone that contributes to Pulsar, from the much appreciated donations, the critical issue reports, or amazing pull requests we receive. We appreciate every single one of you, and couldn't do any of this without you!

Till next time, happy coding, and see you among the stars!

  • The Pulsar Team

  • Rebranded notifications, using our backend to find new versions of package, and our github repository to find issues on Pulsar. Also fixed the "view issue" and "create issue" buttons that were not working
  • Bumped to latest version of second-mate, fixing a memory usage issue in vscode-oniguruma
  • Removed a cache for native modules - fix bugs where an user rebuilds a native module outside of Pulsar, but Pulsar refuses to load anyway
  • Removed nslog dependency
  • Fixed an error where the GitHub package tried to interact with a diff view after it was closed
  • Fixed RPM installation failure when Atom was installed on the same machine
  • Added a new set of Package activationHooks, ...:uri-opened lets a package activate when any URI is opened within Pulsar, and ...:file-name-opened lets a package activate when any specific filename is opened within Pulsar.