Our Second Beta!

confused-TechieJanuary 15, 2023
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Check out our Second GitHub Release for Pulsar! Available Now!open in new window

Second (Beta) Tagged Release of Pulsar -- Many improvements available!

With the release of Pulsar Beta 1.101.0 we have quite a number of improvements and fixes to various issues that have been identified and logged by our wonderful community.

Have a read of the changelog for the full details but some highlights include fixes to the Pulsar logo on Windows and Linux, a bunch of macOS changes to bring back some of the original functionality with opening files, and the resolution of an annoying issue on Linux that could stop the app from launching at all!

Thank you so much to everyone who has been involved in this release, every comment to our discussions board or Discord server, every issue logged on GitHub and every pull request created have all contributed to getting us where we are today.

And a special thank you for all of the donations we have received, we have some plans to use these wisely for the good of the project so look forward to the next big release!

So please, if you have any comments then please join us on our Discord or discussions page, if you find any bugs or regressions then let us know via a GitHub issue (and if you can fix it (or anything else) then feel free to open a pull request).

And as always, happy coding, see you among the stars!

  • The Pulsar Team

  • Fixed a bug where macOS menus like "Open" don't do anything
  • Fixed a bug where macOS wouldn't open files by dragging them onto the dock.
  • Fixed a bug where devtools won't open (https://github.com/pulsar-edit/pulsar/issues/260)
  • Fixed a bug where the editor refused to open with the message "GPU process isn't usable. Goodbye" (https://github.com/pulsar-edit/pulsar/issues/233)
  • Fixed logo artifacts on Linux
  • Fixed Windows Taskbar Icon being 'Cut in Half'
  • Fixed commands like --version, --package or --help did not show outputs
  • Fixed additional flags not being sent to --package
  • Small improvement on the binary size
  • Fixed "install command line tools" on Mac and Windows
  • Cached queries for featured packages (featured packages will load faster, and fewer errors on the settings-view regarding package info)
  • Added warning when settings-view is disabled, describing how to re-enable it